Top Reasons Remains King in Online Business Real Estate

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34% of the internet is built on WordPress, just so you know.

The past decade can be said to be the golden era of online business. Companies big and small have found it a lucrative investment to establish their presence online using different platforms, among which is Of course, who doesn’t want to have their own online real estate, right?

The same period was also the time of online real estate competition. While WordPress spearheaded the rat race, many other website building platforms emerged to cater to the same target market, i.e. business owners.

Today, we are seeing brands on platforms such as Medium, Tumblr, or build communities only on social media, like on Facebook and Twitter. There are also companies whose website foundations are built on the likes of Joomla and Wix, depending on their niche.

Despite their existence, remains a top choice when building an online business empire. Why so? Well, if you happen to be running a business and are keen on taking it to the internet -and making it big, then here are the reasons to look at:

1. spells freedom. began as a blogging platform in 2003. It has since evolved into a content management system (CMS) and at the same time an application development framework. In layman’s terms, you can build any kind of website using If you can build any site using this platform, it means freedom and power are in your hands.

How so? You can use the platform for any purpose. Nobody can impose censorship rules or terms of service violations on your site. You can do as you please by customizing its features without any limitation.

Unlike in other platforms where you have to abide by their community standards and user rules, does not restrict you from doing what you want. Mind you, a lot of businesses have had their pages and accounts suspended -and even disabled due to rules they didn’t realize were already violative of the platform’s regulations in which they are subscribed to.

So yes, you can do whatever you want once you get hold of

2. Your name, your domain

Perhaps the biggest investment when building a website from is buying a domain.

The domain of your site does not simply represent your brand on the internet. It also directs users to your site. It serves as your address, your roadmap, and your key to being found by human users and search engine crawlers. Many business owners think that once they have customized the URL of their page on other blogging platforms or have verified their name handle on social media, they’re all set. Indeed, they can make their presence better known in these communities, but they are still subject to community rules and standards imposed by these platforms.

In addition, from a search engine optimization perspective, their names are still under the platform they are registered to. Meanwhile, if you own your domain and plug it on for your website, search engines will recognize your website as your own, not someone else’s.

What does this mean to you? First, with your own website constructed via, you have the greater capacity to stand out as an independent presence online. This is important because you have your own place to showcase your products and services, talk about your whims and discuss things that matter, on your own terms.

You can also plug add-ons and other features that can generate income in ways other online communities don’t usually allow.

Second, you have more power in strengthening your online presence since you’re not under any platform name. SEO-wise, your own domain, and website have fewer restrictions. It also protects you from having your content taken away in a snap because of alleged violations, you didn’t know about (or do not believe in).

Note: While allows you to purchase a paid plan and use a custom domain, search engine crawlers would still recognize your site to be under WordPress, and not yours.

3. Greater flexibility. offers greater flexibility as a content management system and a website builder. As mentioned earlier, when you have your own site, you can plug add-ons to make it better for user experience and generating income.

You cannot easily customize your website if you have built it on a regular blogging platform such as Blogspot or Medium (and Sure, there are pre-made themes that you can use, and other pre-existing plug-ins that you may install, but these come with limited options and features.

Meanwhile,, as a site builder, allows you not only to use a custom domain but to personalize the site as a whole. You can then build a site according to your needs and that of your target audience.

For instance, you want your website to be both a blog and an online store. has plug-ins and customizable blocks to allow both features present on your site. It also allows you to integrate with other e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce or Shopify.

At the same time, there are plug-ins that boost link building through post sharing on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn in just one click.

Moreover, you can have customized plug-ins made and installed depending on your specific need for your website.

4. Better control of costs.

While free website builders are tempting, they do not provide you with all-around control on your site. The same applies to since it safeguards its business at the end of the day over your preference in using its platform.

When you opt for a CMS via, everything will be shouldered by you. This isn’t actually a bad thing since you then have total control of the costs, which you can better manage if you’re working under a budget. Various web development and management companies, like Telmo Solutions, choose as the foundation for the websites they build for their clients.

If you believe your business deserves a website built only on solid foundations,

Contact Telmo Solutions today.

Image credited to Launchpresso

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